Luova Finland


Luova Finland was founded in 2016 to offer Chinese-speaking customers personalised butler services in Finland. In 2018, we widened our services from leisure, business and education to also incorporate medical and healthcare services. Our expertise lies in high-quality services with a local touch. We plan, book, arrange and accompany the customer throughout their stay in Finland and neighbouring countries such as in the Baltic countries and Nordic countries. With a local expert, customers can access places that they couldn’t have before such as local homes, company headquarters and schools. Our customers don’t need to worry about language barriers, as an English-Finnish-Chinese-speaking expert will be with them to take care of any request that they might have.

We pay attention to detail from the minute we are contacted by the customer, until the day they return home. Each program is tailored based on the customer’s personal interests, schedule and travel preferences. Therefore we are very flexible. We aim to offer a hassle-free and truly special experience that will be remembered.

We focus mainly on culture, design, education, business, nature and healthcare. We do not only focus on the experience, we also keep in mind the educational part and thereby like to share more about the local culture, people, history and manners. Our mission is to educate trough experiences. 

We are here to help you access high-quality services and to offer you or your customers a superior overall experience.


As a small business, we at Luova Finland develop in a sustainable way. We do this in different ways from offering walking tours instead of bus sightseeing in city centres, offering water bottles that can be filled up by tap water, and choosing partners that value sustainable practices. 

Agenda 2030 goals that Luova Finland strive to achieve:

– (3) Good health and wellbeing – We offer health and wellbeing services for all age groups. We promote for example Finnish healthcare services and DNA tests that help with living a healthier life. We also offer wellbeing treatments such as sauna, spa and nature walks.
– (4) Quality education – We offer education services for all ages from all sorts of educational backgrounds. We aim to to promote Finnish education and giving the customers new ideas and techniques that can be implemented in their lives, studies or work. 
– (10) Reduce inequality – By learning more about Finnish values and ethics, customers may see things in a new and different way that can be adapted into their own life.
– (12) Responsible consumption and production – We promote small businesses that produce locally, by themselves or in small quantities.
– (13) Climate action – We provide awareness about Finnish actions taken to combat climate change and use these actions in everyday life. We try to reduce emissions by arranging walking tours and planning the trips as efficiently as possible.  
– (14) Life below water – We try to offer fishing and other sea-related activities that doesn’t harm the sea. 
– (15) Life on land – We offer activities in the nature that doesn’t harm the forest or the wild life. We educate customers about how to behave in the best possible way to ensure that the nature can be enjoyed by further generations as well. ​